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silkscreenWe offer workshops in screenprinting every month. No experience is necessary and they are open to anyone who wants to learn how to print. Workshops are one day and last about 6-8 hours. Each workshop will provide you the skills to return and rent time to print your own work during our regular studio hours. Each workshop costs $300 unless otherwise stated. Payment must be made at time of registration. Workshops are non-refundable. However, please let us know of any cancellations so that we may try to fill your spot. If you’ve missed this round, please sign up on our email list for next month’s registration announcement.

Upcoming Workshops


Our one-day screenprinting workshop covers all the basics of screenprinting. Attendees will learn first hand how to properly coat, expose, print from, and clean a silkscreen. Differences in inks, printing substrates, screen mesh, and filmwork will all be discussed, and various multi-color registration techniques will be covered. Please dress comfortable and in attire that is appropriate for this class. Jet Tee’s is not responsible for any damage to clothing or staining during this workshop. Offered Monthly